Gear up for Nokia Tube

After taking its own time, Nokia has finally decided to venture into the market which iPhone is ruling. With the Nokia Tube, the first touch device of the series 60, getting unveiled tomorrow, the leaders of mobile market would pose a strong competition for the Apple iPhone 3G.

Comparing them head to head:

Brand Nokia Apple
Type Tube 3G
Bluetooth Version 2.0 with A2DP Version 2.0
Infrared No No
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
USB 2.0 2.0
Main display Color TFT touchscreen Color TFT touchscreen
Color display 16.000.000 colors 16.000.000 colors
111 x 52 x 14.5 mm 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm
Weight 104 grams 133 grams
Memory 140MB on-board storage + memory options 8/16 GB shared memory
Camera 3.2 MP with Auto-focus 2.0 MP
Battery BL-5J 1150mah Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion
OS Symbian S 60 Mac OS X v10.4.10

With Nokia’s Tube matching and excelling the features of the IPhone in the comparison, experts say that the sales of the Tube would depend upon the price of the phone which would decide result of the war. But I would say the war has just begun. With Blackberry’s touch phone which is to be released in early Jan and advanced version of the 3G iPhone still in the pipe, the touch market is still seeing its dawn.

Nokia Tube featured in The Dark Knight


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4 Responses to Gear up for Nokia Tube

  1. deepak says:

    why is it called the tube any reasons ?? as first take i thought it was some competition to youtube .. btw has nokia any video streaming capabilty like youtiube, except i know that ovi brand was launched to drive data services for Nokia.

  2. teknovelo says:

    Nokia tube… probably just a code name. Thats all. Its also called 5800, XpressMusic, etc,.
    About streaming capability of Nokia, i dont think they need to spend their resources when there are so many apps and sites dedicated to the Nokia community. Neways, i will take some time and update you if i find anything about it. Thanks

  3. Rajarshi says:

    hmmm..well lookswise…iphone is still better…if the new phone’s like are trying to compete wit iphone they better pull up their socks in the looks department cos thats a major factor in the Upmarket mobile devices domain…as example i’ll cite MotoRazr…despite having some of the worse features as compared to most phones competing wit it …it simply blew every1 else way for being wat it is ..Razor thin stylish!!…went on to become one of the hottest selling cell fones in history…still is a hot brand for Motorola..

    catch ya l8r


  4. The Tube looks way ahead of the iPhone (from the comparision chart up there). But looks are important too… iPhone is generations ahead in this department I guess 😉
    I’m surprised that the iPhone is heavier than the Tube!

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