Whats in the name?

Numerous companies in the IT industry have made big names for themselves in today’s market. They are in the news everyday for their work. But not many know how these names rose up which have contributed so much to the IT industry. Let’s have a small insight about how some of these companies got their names.

Apple: Got the name because the founder, Steve Jobs apparently worked in an apple orchard before setting up this company. Beatles’ record album –‘Apple’ was also his favorite.

Red hat: Got its name because Marc Erwing, who distributed Linux first had received a red hat from his grandfather as a gift, but lost it by the time he wrote the beta version of his Linux.

Yahoo: When David Filo and Jerry Yang came up with their search engine they decided to name it Yahoo because they considered themselves yahoos. Yahoo basically means a person with low hygiene quotient!

Hp: Founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard tossed the coin to decide whether it should be called Hewlett Packard or Packard Hewlett. If luck was otherwise you would have gone to buy PH Printers (The name sounds so strange!).

Motorola: The Company first made car audio systems and founder Paul Galvin named it Motorola because it was a trend those days to join ‘Ola’ at the end of the name. The company was later taken over but the name did not change.

Virgin: Strange it may seem and many hope that the name would mean something else. But no, Richard Branson named it so because when they first started, everyone on-board were actually virgins!

Nokia: The name is actually not the daughter’s name of a Japanese developer, but the name of the small town in Finland where the company was founded.

Wipro: Many people know this. Wipro was initially was into sunflower oil and 747 laundry soap business run by Azim Premji’s father who called it Wipro which stands for Western India Vegetable Products Limited.


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2 Responses to Whats in the name?

  1. shru says:

    okies…….I thought:

    Red Hat: Marc always used to wear a red hat…..His friends said: ‘You should talk with my friend Marc.’ ‘Who’s Marc?’ ‘He’s the guy in the red hat’ Then he became the red hat guy…….then he named his software by his name……thats it……y did grandfather come into picture???

    Yahoo : Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle!!!!

    Hp : I know the story very well coz thats what they said the whole of the induction day!!!!

    nokia: Japanese developer’s daughter’s name suits better…….:-)

    Virgin: Sorry! i didn think anythin

    Wipro : Wireless Programmin?????

    Apple: Abhi…….by ur verdict…….. Whens the last time the Beatles made a new song anyways?

  2. deepak says:

    track the new ones like startups that would be interesting

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